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Our Program

Our Program

Parents are a great source of specific information about their child’s interests and abilities and are encouraged to share this with their child’s educators. Parents are kept informed about the program and their child’s progress through various methods as outlined below.

Play based learning

Here at the centre we run a play-based and interest-based program. Play is the way in which children naturally learn. They learn most effectively when they are relaxed and having fun. Children’s learning becomes meaningful when they are free to learn at their own rate and in their own way. In a play-based program there will be times when the children come together as a group, listen when others are talking, follow the rules of group living and begin to take responsibility for their actions and their environment.

Family Input

Here at Rainbow Haven Kindergarten Glenhaven we value family input and understand how important it is for us to incorporate aspects of family life into our programs here at the centre. We strongly encourage you to have conversations with your child’s teacher on a regular basis to give feedback on the current program, share any ideas you may have and communicate your child’s current interests and needs. You will receive an email each Monday morning encouraging you to tell us about what you and your family have done over the weekend so we can try and incorporate aspects of this into the centre. You can also communicate this information by talking to your child’s teacher. ​​


KindyHub is an online programming system making it simple and easy for the educators to do their programming. It allows educators to create daily journals and observations through the system and these will be delivered straight to your email inbox. Other features of KindyHub include an optional Parent Portal as well as a SmartPhone app. This option is available to you in addition to receiving the email update each day. This feature will allow you to login to the parent portal or app and have instant access to all of your child’s reports, observations and photo gallery without having to scroll back through your emails to find the information and photos again. When you enrol, you will receive an email invitation for you to download the app and register for the parent portal. The app is available on both Apple and Android.

Daily Journals

Daily journals are completed every day for each individual room. The daily journal will give you information and photos about the day including a few experiences and activities that the children have done. This will also include a reflection about each activity showing you the learning that is occurring from these experiences. The daily journal will be emailed to you on each day that your child attends the centre. All of the photos that you receive in these journals are automatically added to your child’s individual photo gallery which can be accessed through the parent portal or app.


Individual observations will be completed on your child each month. The number of observations that your child receives is usually based on the numbers of days per week the child attends but there will always be at least one observation per month for your child. These observations, like the daily journals, will be sent to you via email. Again, these can also be accessed at a later date through the parent portal or app.

The observation will consist of an Observation Description followed by Implications for Learning. From here, the educators will then set a goal for your child to work towards to extend their skills following this observation, and a follow-up experience will be planned to assist your child with achieving this goal. After the experience is implemented, the educators will then evaluate your child’s progress towards achieving their goal.

This is a great way for you to see your child’s progress and individual learning journey as it happens.