Meet our Team

  • Miss Amy, Centre Manager

    Miss Amy

    Miss Amy is our passionate and amazing Centre Manager who has been part of the Rainbow Haven family for over 10 years. Amy supports the centre with her knowledge, experience and dedication. Amy helps to create a warm and caring environment for the children, educators and families. She is always ensuring that the children are provided with the best quality care at Rainbow Haven. Amy has a beautiful family, two daughters and a son, who have all attended the centre over the years.

  • Miss Ashlea, Assistant Centre Manager

    Miss Ashlea

    Miss Ashlea is our passionate and hardworking Assistant Centre Manager. She has over 12 years’ experience in the early childhood industry, Miss Ashlea holds her Bachelor of Education which brings a world of knowledge as she mentors and inspires the team at Rainbow Haven Kindergarten. Miss Ashlea provides a warm and welcoming environment for our wonderful families to ensure they are given the highest quality of care. Miss Ashlea has two beautiful children- a daughter who recently graduated from Rainbow Haven and a son who attends. 

  • Miss Mon, 2IC / Educational Lead

    Miss Mon

    Monique (or Mon as most people know her!) is one of our wonderful Early Childhood Teachers here at Rainbow Haven, holding her Bachelor degree along with 10 years experience in the early childhood industry. She is a highly dedicated, hardworking, caring and excellent Teacher who goes above and beyond for her children & fellow educators!. Monique has a can do attitude and is a very valued member of the team. We Love having Miss Mon here with us at Rainbow Haven! Monique also holds the important position of Educational Leader here at Rainbow Haven, leading the development and implementation of the educational program. Miss Mon has two young children- a daughter who attends Rainbow Haven and a son who will attend soon. 

  • Miss Trish, Room Leader

    Miss Trish

    Trish is one of our original staff members at Rainbow Haven. Starting as a Certificate III trainee and working her way up to a degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Her love of books and group times inspires the children day in and out. Trish is a mother of two and one of her boys attends Rainbow Haven. Her loving and caring nature and approachability is shown by the many relationships she has built with the families and staff of Rainbow Haven. Miss Trish has two beautiful sons who have both attended Rainbow Haven. 

  • Miss Bec, Room Leader

    Miss Bec

    Miss Bec completed her Bachelor of Education (Birth-12 years) in 2014 and has been teaching in Early Childhood since 2010. She is a positive mentor and influence towards the team and is always willing to support and work with others in a meaningful way. Bec has a strong passion towards inclusion and supporting all children’s needs and development. She loves engaging the children in fun and challenging learning experiences, exploring any and all topics! Miss Bec has a beautiful son who attends Rainbow Haven. 

  • Miss Shan, Room Leader

    Miss Shan

    Miss Shannon is our friendly and passionate Diploma Educator who has over 12 years’ experience working at Rainbow Haven. Shannon has a great sense of humour and a lovely caring nature which shows with her great relationships with the children, parents and staff. Shannon always has a smile on her face and brings lots of energy, fun and laughter to the room each day.

  • Miss Becca, Room Leader

    Miss Becca

    Miss Becca is a very passionate and enthusiastic Early Childhood Teacher with 15 years experience up her sleeve. She is always thinking outside the box, coming up with engaging, hands on experiences to stimulate and excite the classroom. She has a close, trusting relationship with many of our families and is a great support to her team, Miss Becca is a valued member of the Rainbow Haven family. Becca has 3 beautiful sons who have all attended Rainbow Haven. 

  • Miss Michelle, Room Leader

    Miss Michelle

    Miss Michelle is a hardworking, dedicated educator! She is a reliable team member and is always on the go benefiting our children as much as possible! Michelle is always making the Rainbow Haven community feel safe with just a smile and her classic charm! The children are always so inspired by her warm and loving energy! Miss Michelle has a beautiful daughter who attended Rainbow Haven. 

  • Miss Grainne, Educator

     Miss Grainne

    Grainne began working at Rainbow Haven at the beginning of 2019 and quickly became a critical member of the team. Her bubbly and bright personality make her a delight to be around and her sense of humour means we always have a laugh. Her presence is felt within the room as she laughs and plays with the children and we are so grateful for her!

  • Miss Celena, Educator

    Miss Celena

    Miss Celena is a wonderful educator! She goes to great lengths to get to know all the children in her care and form a trusting relationship with them. She is compassionate and empathetic, especially with the shyest children, and gives lots of encouragement to everyone, children and fellow educators alike. Her group times are engaging and full of enthusiasm, and she is very creative and imaginative when it comes to craft ideas and activities, always remembering what the children's current interests are. She is a truly special person indeed.

  • Miss Cait, Educator

    Miss Cait

    Miss Cait obtained her Certificate III in 2016 and is currently working towards her Diploma. She is a strong asset to our team who has a great interest in art and holds an art degree. With her creative flair, Caitlin creates exciting and meaningful experiences and has a passion for creating magical learning spaces for the children to play and learn in. Caitlin values a flexible and stimulating learning environment that engages and involves all of the children’s interests. She loves watching all the children grow and develop within her care.

  • Miss Lauren , Room Leader

    Miss Lauren

    Miss Lauren joins our Rainbow Haven family with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Miss Lauren holds her Bachelor of Teaching (birth to 5 years) and has a passion for the creative arts and all things sensory. Miss Lauren brings a warm and welcoming attitude to Rainbow Haven and builds beautiful relationships with the children and families. Miss Lauren has a beautiful daughter who attends Rainbow Haven. 

  • Miss Michaela, Educator

    Miss Michaela

    Miss Michaela is passionate, enthusiastic and a hard working Educator. Michaela has worked at Rainbow Haven since 2014 and now has a daughter who attends the centre. She is very supportive to her co- workers, always willing to learn new things and be the best educator she can be. Miss Michaela has two beautiful children who attend Rainbow Haven. 

  • Miss Chloe, Educator

    Miss Chloe

    Miss Chloe is a fantastic asset to Rainbow Haven, completing our wonderful team. She has a great sense of humour, is fun and shows an interactive nature towards the children and fellow workers. She shows great initiative and gives 100 per cent with everything she does especially showing a love for arts and crafts. Making sure the children happily engage and explore in our different art experiences and then showing her artistic style with organising the art around the centre!

  • Miss Catherine, Cook

    Miss Catherine

    Miss Catherine is our creative and talented master chef. She’s always thinking about the children’s needs and providing them with quality food to keep them happy and healthy. Catherine passionately shares her knowledge with the children during kitchen and classroom interactions. We love Miss Catherine’s infectious smile and appreciate her willingness to always go above and beyond!

  • Mr Daniel, Educator

    Mr Daniel

    Mr Daniel obtained his Certificate III as an Early Childhood educator in 2017 in Manchester, England. He moved to Australia in 2020 and joined our Rainbow Haven team bringing 7 years experience of teaching with him. We value Daniel’s presence as he is an asset to our team. He has a soft, nurturing and patient personality who is caring towards all children within his care. Daniel has created trusting relationships with all our families and children at Rainbow Haven. He enjoys creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences for the children that are hands on and challenging. Daniel has an interest in construction and engineering which valued by the children’s interests.

  • Miss Anina, Educator

    Miss Anina

    Miss Anina is a dedicated educator who's passion for teaching is truly highlighted by her love for sensory experiences. With a gentle and nuturing approach, Miss Anina creates an environment where every child feels safe and supported. Miss Anina enjoys creating meaningful, hands on experiences that allow the children to learn and explore. Miss Anina has a beautiful son who attends the centre. 

  • Miss Nikki, Educator

    Miss Nikki

    Miss Nikki, is a passionate young educator who is currently studying to obtain her Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care. Nikki is a hardworking individual who has shown great initiative and drive as she educates and cares for the children on a full time basis. Miss Nikki creates and executes brilliant and exciting new activities for the children to learn from and enjoy. She is a valued member of the Rainbow Haven family and we cannot wait to see what more she offers to our team!

  • Miss Brodie, Educator

    Miss Brodie

    Miss Brodie has been working at Rainbow Haven for the past year, she is a Certificate lll trained educator and is a passionate, hardworking and loving member of our centre! Brodie brings a warm and welcoming attitude to Rainbow Haven which shows through the many beautiful relationships she has built with the children and their families. She is passionate about providing fun and engaging activities for the children, as she captures the children’s interests through imaginative and pretend play! Miss Brodie has a beautiful son who attends Rainbow Haven. 

  • Miss Karolina, Educator

    Miss Karolina

    Miss Karolina has been with our Rainbow Haven team for well over a year now. Her hardworking nature and can-do attitude ensuring the smooth running of the rooms. She is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of every child. She is extremely warm hearted with the children naturally gravitating towards her. We don’t know where we would be without her! 

  • Miss Courtney, Educator

    Miss Courtney

    Miss Courtney has been working at Rainbow Haven for over a year and a half now with a completed Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. She is a dedicated, compassionate, and open-minded staff member who is loved at Rainbow Haven! Courtney has grown a beautiful relationship with each child and thrives off seeing their growth and cheeky smiles daily. She is passionate about creating safe spaces for the children to explore and learn new things through their curiosity and interests and ensure they have fun doing so.

  • Miss Annalise, Educator

    Miss Annalise

    Miss Annalise has completed her certificate 3 in Children's Services. She is bright, bubbly, and hardworking. She takes the time to get to know each child in every room along with their needs and shows great initiative in all tasks she is set. We are so excited to have her on board as an integral member of our team along with watching her grow!

  • Miss Brodie, Casual Educator

    Miss Brodie

    Miss Brodie is one of our casuals, currently working towards a Bachelor of Education (Primary). She is hardworking and dedicated educator! Miss Brodie is very passionate and goes to great lengths to get to know the children in her care. She shows great initiative and is very helpful in every room.

  • Miss Tamekah, Casual Educator

    Miss Tamekah

    Miss Tamekah is one of our casuals, currently working towards a Bachelor of Education (1-12 years). She is passionate, enthusiastic and a hardworking educator. The children and staff love her fun and loving attitude! Rainbow Haven is very lucky to have Miss Tamekah in our team!

  • Miss Mary, Educator

    Miss Mary

    Miss Mary is a kind, nurturing, and valued member of our Rainbow Haven team. She is always looking out for the needs of others and ensuring all staff and children feel safe, supported, and happy whilst at the centre. Miss Mary has a Persian background which she enjoys sharing with the staff and children through cooking experiences, music, and language. She particularly enjoys spending time with the children reading stories, dancing, and encouraging them to explore their creativity through arts and craft experiences. We are so grateful for the positive energy Miss Mary brings to Rainbow Haven.

  • Miss Jess, Educator

    Miss Jess

    -Currently on maternity leave- Miss Jess has completed her Certificate 3 in Early Childhood and Care. She is one of the most hardworking and passionate educators. We are so lucky to have her in our Rainbow Haven Team! Miss Jess’ bubbly personality and passion for dancing always brings fun and laughter to the room each day.  

  • Miss Amelia, Educator

    Miss Amelia

    Miss Amelia has been working at Rainbow Haven for over a year. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. Amelia is a hardworking, friendly, approachable, and outgoing staff member! She has a great relationship with all the children and shows great initiative through lots of fun and creative activities. 

  • Miss Charlotte, Educator

    Miss Charlotte

    Miss Charlotte joins our Rainbow Haven team with her Certificate 3 in Children's Services. Charlotte has a fun, bubbly personality and loves working in our babies room. She is passionate about creating a warm and secure environment for the children to learn and explore.